Meet the programs & collaborative courses that I have to offer you. 

All of the courses and workshops are for beginners and intermediate levels, there is no need for you to have previous knowledge to the one that is built in the collective and in openness.


Meet and welcome the world of the Sacred Geometry, in order to connect with the infinite energy. Meet the Frequencies and patterns of the Universe.

Grace Terry, Ivonne Delaflor & Pablo Arellano will accompany you during this mystical and out-of-this-world experience, into the Future.

The program is now available.


We’re entering the Aquarian age, and it is of great importance to have a frequency high enough to sail the times of change and the challenges that humanity is facing at the moment.

Find a way of meditation, to connect and meet different techniques that include Grace’s vocal guidance, support, and a community that goes with you into mystical experiences, dedicating themselves to the regular practice of Vibrational Meditation.

Meet the method!

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