• 2005, Release of the Album Mystery produced by Héctor Ruiz 
  • 2007, Naming of the “Revelación musical” goes into The Top 10 Nationals, in the category of World Music, during 3 months in a row. 
  • 2011, Launch of the Album Mantra Lounge produced by Juan Carlos Toribio. It enters once again to the Top 10 Nationals, in the category of World Music and New Age.
  • 2013, Launch of the Album Beloved One with composer Pablo Arellano, one of the most listened albums in the New Age genre.
  • 2015, Production of the singles: En tí, Corazón México, Ad guray Nameh, Yemaya. Music created along the hand of the Producer Angel Sananda.
  • 2017, Production of the EP “Light, Peace and Love.” Cristal Bowls Meditation.
  • 2020, Launch of the Album “Mary Magdalene The Return” with the production and music of Gustavo Jacob.
  • 2021. Soundtrack by the hand of Pablo Arellano for the Documental “The United State of Mind” produced by Ivonne Delaflor and directed by Matthew J. Peters.
  • 2021. She is now working on her new album “The Sacred Love” with Pablo Arellano.