Music, meditation, and mystic tools are Grace’s best allies.

Grace’s mission is to create community with the elevation of individual voices rising a collective awakening of consciousness.


Grace’s musical career started when she was 3 years old. She grew up listening to different music genres, which enrich her into becoming the artist she is now. For many years she was devoted to Pop Rock.

But at 33 years old, she had the mystic revelation that led her into realizing that her path will be through Spiritual Music and Consciousness.

After starting a long journey at 18 years old into the Spiritual World, living on different beaches of México, Grace decided to go back to México City to start a new stage as a singer, writer, and producer of mantras and spiritual music.

  • 2005, Release of the Album Mystery produced by Héctor Ruiz 
  • 2007, Naming of the “Revelación musical” goes into The Top 10 Nationals, in the category of World Music, during 3 months in a row. 
  • 2011, Launch of the Album Mantra Lounge produced by Juan Carlos Toribio. It enters once again to the Top 10 Nationals, in the category of World Music and New Age.
  • 2013, Launch of the Album Beloved One with composer Pablo Arellano, one of the most listened albums in the New Age genre.
  • 2015, Production of the singles: En tí, Corazón México, Ad guray Nameh, Yemaya. Music created along the hand of the Producer Angel Sananda.
  • 2017, Production of the EP “Light, Peace and Love.” Cristal Bowls Meditation.
  • 2020, Launch of the Album «Mary Magdalene The Return» with the production and music of Gustavo Jacob.
  • 2021. Soundtrack by the hand of Pablo Arellano for the Documental «The United State of Mind» produced by Ivonne Delaflor and directed by Matthew J. Peters.
  • 2021. She is now working on her new album “The Sacred Love» with Pablo Arellano.