Womand & Sound

Welcome Divine Woman!

You are invited to Gather in a Unique circle of Women bringing forth your Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Experience the power of your sound, your vibration, your light, and your frequency, as a tool to evolve through life and a brilliant future.

Your Temple is the most Sacred Instrument of all and by knowing it you will be able to know yourself.

This is an invitation to explore your body, mind, voice, and spirit through techniques and practices to expand your consciousness and open up to a new stage of creativity for your Life, discovering your Feminine energy, and understanding the Masculine within.

Open to Your Divine Guidance

Yoga, Meditation, Temazcal, Silence, Kirtan, Pranayama, Mindfulness, Sound Healing, Concert, Peace, Healing, Dance, Universal Dances, Journaling, Cacao, Networking, Soul Food, Astrology, Ceremony, Rituals.

Bilingual Retreat

  • Dates: October 26-30th
  • Location: Shambalanté, Merida
  • Sliding Scale:
    • US$1,111-1,555 Double Room
    • US$ 1,444-1,666 Single Room
    • Venmo: @Michelle-Button-11
    • Option for 5 Installments:
      • June 11
      • July 11
      • August 11
      • September 11
      • October 11

*Price includes:

  • Transportation from Airport to Shambalanté @12pm
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • All Activities
  • Return Transportation @3:30pm
  • Plane ticket NOT included

For more information:

  • michelle.button@gmail.com
  • +525582730085
  • graceterry22@gmail.com.
  • +52 1 55 3733 8195

Michelle Button IG @michellebuttonexperiences
Grace Terry IG @graceterryofficial
Cynthia Valenzuela IG @cynthiavalenzuelaharp